Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dog Portrait Updates

Title: Major (framed)
5"x5" digital art (14"x14" framed)
© 2009 Christine Pierce

I'd like to provide an update on my recent dog art. First of all, thank you to all who voted and sent comments regarding which version of Major (above) to give to my Dad for Father's Day. It was a close call, but, after much consideration I decided to go with the softer version. Ultimately, it is easier for older eyes to "read" that version.

And secondly, I gave the printed painting of "Saucy, the Bernese Mountain Dog" to my friend yesterday and she was so enthusiastic! She said that it is "gorgeous" and that I have "captured the essence of her soul!" She is saving the picture to give to her husband for Father's Day, as Saucy was his special pet. I am so happy she liked it!

Title: Saucy, Bernese Mountain Dog
8"x8" digital print
© 2009 Christine Pierce

By the way, I had the Saucy portrait printed by a Portland company called Plywerk. They use an interesting process of adhering the print to a wood panel and then laminating the surface with a lustrous finish. This is a wonderful way to have one's art stylishly printed and immediately ready to hang. (Also, artists, photographers and students who show or sell their work qualify for an immediate 20% prodeal discount).

I discovered this company through friend and local blogger, Mrs. French, who writes a beautiful blog called Bliss. I encourage you to check it out!


L.Holm June 16, 2009 at 8:59 PM  

Major looks beautiful framed. What a great father's day present. (I think you're right about the softer version) Great to hear that Saucy's mom loved her portrait. Thanks for the tip about Plywerk.


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